Positive alternatives for a healthy future.

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The built environment needs to be transformed to provide sufficient protection for its occupiers. These transformations have to be informed, smart, and efficient, but also inspiring, authentic,  and attractive. 

Our positive solution.


We design for a better future because we believe that the places you inhabit are important.

We are looking ahead to the immediate future, transforming existing buildings into safe, inspiring and positive spaces, where people feel fostered and nourished.


Re-occupancy mitigation measures


Adaptation needed for companies who have chosen to reduce office space


Creative solutions for vacant office space


Company heads have announced the reduction of working space and a reported 40% increase in remote employees.

This, is in addition to a growing trend in the world metropolises to vacate office spaces, leave a number of older and new office buildings unused.

As of 2019, the disuse of office spaces in Mexico City reached 20%. After the pandemic, it is estimated that the vacancy rate will grow up to an additional 17%.

These unused properties are still within walking distance of basic services, amenities and transporta- tion.

The new era of adaptive reuse no longer involve renovating only beautiful historic properties, but also turning unused office and commercial spaces into housing and urban projects.
This turns out to be an attractive alternative for many developers and investors, and the conscious decision to preserve the past while planning for the future.

Workspaces in the future.

What will come?


We are now developing solutions for the future in our innovation lab, where we are working with young profesionals to imagine a better future today