Abat Offices

Puebla, México
2014 - 2015
Superficie construida
132 m2
Directores de proyecto
Leonardo Neve, Diego Vilatela
Equipo de Diseño
Olivia Gil, Andrés Miranda
Equipo de proyecto
Angel Valerio, Javier Flores
Patrick Lopez Jaimes

Offices developed for the ABAT software company. Inspired in collective workspaces where the design elements are meant to interact with the user to promote creativity. A balance between productivity and amusement.

The free floor distribution and the elongated tables it’s an invitation to the collaboration and the creative conflict among the users. The floor is open and versatile with metallic splits to allow integration or segregation of different areas.

The project concept resides in the exchange of information between the different parts of a unity. This is clearly visible when unveiling the information exchange system of voice, data and electric power. Emphasizing the importance of the systems connections and punctuating the intrinsic beauty of such elements.

To cover the crystal components a second skin was printed with the binary code of the first software used by the company. As a reminder of their origins and its importance.