Arcati Tower

San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, MX
Built surface
2,282 m2
Project Directors
Leonardo Neve, Diego Vilatela, Angel Valerio
Design team
Jesús Amezcua, Otli Campos, Roberto Martínez, Maximiliano Pasquel, Javier Flores, Roberto Tlatelpa.
Project team
Otoniel Solís, Alejandra Saucedo, Alan Hernandez, Mario Rentería

Arcati Tower is a residential apartment complex located at a central residential neighborhood in the Mexican city of Puebla. This 18 apartment building project aims to re-densify and diversify a traditional residential area were single family houses prevailed, and is now appealing for a younger generation that values the area walkability, and proximity to the city historical center.

The project concept was to provide users with an authentic urban experience, which was promoted by the use of apparent materials, of low maintenance that provided an urban atmosphere, at the same time, authenticity means no apartment could be like the other, this was accomplished by generating a geometrical interaction that allowed facade and plan variations, providing dynamism to the whole volume.

Additionally, all the apartments have either a terrace or a balcony, this allows the opportunity to have an interaction with the context, and forest the city through vegetal integration. The interior design incorporates the roughness of apparent materials that is softened by the presence of natural elements like wood and marble. 

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