Capital Saint Peter

San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, México
2017 - 2020
Superficie construida
10,206 m2
Directores de proyecto
Leonardo Neve, Diego Vilatela, Angel Valerio
Equipo de diseño
Jesús Amezcua, Otli Campos, Roberto Martínez, Rita Bustos, Ivonne Deaquino, Maximiliano Pasquel, Mariana Pedrero, Javier Flores, Roberto Tlatelpa, Diego Reyes
Equipo de proyecto
Otoniel Solís, Juan Carlos Polvo, Alejandra Saucedo, Alan Hernandez, Mario Rentería
Patrick Lopez Jaimes
En proceso

Capital Saint Peter is a mixed-use project that defies the old fashion and dehumanizing principles of real estate developments.  Conceived to generate expressive experiences for its inhabitants, through the integration of 3 main sustainability principles: community integration, environmental protection, and economic development.

One of its main goals is to diversify public space to facilitate the zone integration though its architecture, accompanied by diverse artistic expressions that serves as a factor of attraction, promoting a comprehensive model of an inclusive neighborhood that is integrated with the existing urban space, articulating new public open spaces for a truly communal experience.

The architectural design incorporates the high performance – low-cost design philosophy to accomplish highly personalized expressive environments with low-cost innovative solutions. In addition a particular identity is pursued through the dialogue of a contemporary and expressive language that contrasts with the materiality of locally produced handcrafts.

The interior design apartments approach, questions the traditional habitable models, to seek an alternative that promotes wellness for the space inhabitants, reaching a maximum level of personalization, consequently al the apartments are different and incorporate varied design elements that were elaborated with the collaboration of local artisans.

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