Casa Haras

Puebla, Mexico
Built surface
468.6 m2
Project Director
Leonardo Neve
Design team
Jesus Amezcua, Otli Campos, Jessica Alcántara, Max Pasquel, Rita Bustos, Itzhel Zambrano, Abraham García, Jessica Alcántara, Pavel Lopez, Ana Montes

This architectural project of a residential house in Puebla, Mexico. It is situated in a countryside setting surrounded by greenery and is characterized by its elevated location that offers privileged panoramic views of the volcanoes and the city of Puebla.

The residence is designed for a young couple who share a deep appreciation for Mexican architecture and traditional haciendas, as well as a desire to live in harmony with the surrounding nature. The main goal of the design is to evoke iconic elements of Mexican architecture, reinterpreting its forms and concepts from a deeper and more meaningful perspective.

The house is conceived as a tribute to Mexico's rich architectural history, blending traditional elements with a contemporary and functional aesthetic. Interior and exterior spaces are seamlessly integrated, allowing for a fluid connection between nature and the interior of the home. Large windows and terraces maximize the panoramic views of the volcanoes and the city, while internal courtyards and gardens enhance the visual and sensory experience.

The layout of the house revolves around a central courtyard, a common feature in Mexican haciendas that provides natural light, cross ventilation, and a focal point around which different spaces are organized. The choice of materials is essential to achieve the desired aesthetics and environmental sustainability. Traditional materials such as local stone, concrete, and wood are used in combination with modern thermal insulation and energy-efficient technologies to ensure maximum thermal comfort in all seasons.

The interior design reflects the couple's passion for Mexican architecture and haciendas, incorporating details such as exposed beam ceilings, brickwork, arches, and four-point vaults.

In summary, this project stands out for its focus on harmony with nature, deep reinterpretation of traditional architectural elements, and pursuit of sustainability and thermal comfort. The result is a home that encapsulates the essence of Mexican architecture and provides a unique and meaningful space for its inhabitants.

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