Finca Las Memorias

Atlixco, Puebla, México
Superficie construida
326.66 m2
Director de proyecto
Leonardo Neve
Equipo de diseño
Jesus Amezcua, Otli Campos, Max Pasquel, Alberto Lopez, Rita Bustos, Itzhel Zambrano, Jessica Alcántara, Ana Montes

Finca Las Memorias is a leisure residence in the countryside of the Mexican city of Atlixco, in the state of Puebla. The design of this temporary residence integrates physically and visually with its immediate context. It offers expansive views of the surrounding nature from its double-height windows and social spaces and terraces that take advantage of this interior-exterior duality for the enjoyment of one of the best weathers in the world.

Reinterpreting traditional design

The geometry recovers evocative elements of a traditional countryside residence and reinterprets them to offer a contemporary and attractive look, including passive design elements that allow a pleasant temperature inside for most of the year.

For this reason, the main facade is oriented to the south and is blind to limit heat absorption. On the other side, the rear facade is oriented to the north, providing natural light and ventilation, offering extraordinary views of the adjoining landscape.


Another essential design objective was to provide a conformable environment. This is why the house can adapt to the contemporary needs of dwelling, integrating flexible work-from-home dedicated areas and a flexible distribution that allows it to be partially subleased if needed. 

The selection of finishes is based on a palette of colors and materials found in nature, favoring terracotta tones, natural materials such as wood, clay, and regionals, and artisanal materials.

We propose a home that responds to its context, respects the identity, materiality  and local history, and responds to the aesthetics and technology of its time.

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