Flying Wheel Offices

Puebla, México
Comercial, Diseño de interiores
Superficie construida
205 m2
Directores de proyecto
Leonardo Neve, Diego Vilatela
Equipo de Diseño
Olivia Gil Merino, Jesús Quintana, Carolina Ojeda
Equipo de proyecto
Angel Valerio
Patrick Lopez

Flyingwheel showroom and offices is a project located inside a new office tower complex.

In the Mexican city of Puebla, It surges under the premise to increase collaborators creativity, this is accomplished through the distribution of informal open spaces, and the use of unconventional materials and colors.

For the distribution of the areas, first is the creative and open exhibition space, followed by the product showroom, two private offices, a snack bar, and a storage room. All the spaces are integrated through the glass transparency, and the position of the lighting that generates a continuum movement through the linearity of the design.

Integration is provided through the use of transparent glass, without losing privacy. In addition, all the furniture was designed to connect with the ludic products of the brand, which are bicycles and roller-skates. 

To conclude, Flyingwheel showroom stands out due to the contrast between industrial elements such as concrete columns and metallic roof, the lightness of the glass, and the dynamism of the furniture. 

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