Harte Tower

San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, MX
Superficie construida
7,104 m2
Director de proyecto
Leonardo Neve
Equipo de diseño
Jesus Amezcua, Otli Campos, Alberto Adduci, Max Pasquel, Rita Bustos, Itzhel Zambrano
Harte Tower surges due to reevaluating what luxury means nowadays since the concept has changed through time.

1. Define "luxury"

Firstly, we defined that luxury shouldn't be measured in square meters but in the quality of life that the spaces can facilitate. We envisioned a personal enclosure that promotes satisfaction and the pleasure to inhabit, above all at the moment to effectuate the personal daily rituals, allowing the experience of wellness throughout these spaces.

2. Elevated asceticism

Secondly, we explored elevated asceticism, which describes that the persons aspire to fewer possessions and of higher quality, switching the focus from having a lot to living a well-lived life.

Having only what you need, but putting special attention to being surrounded by comfort, beauty, nature, and relevant experiences.  

3. A simple life

Thirdly, luxury is the design that anticipates your needs, providing elements that the users still don't know they need, but facilitating a simple and comfortable life.

A pleasurable experience

Therefore,  we decided to create a collection of residences that express the unique personality of its users, and that will have in common the fact of being surrounded by nature, comfort, and beauty that promote pleasurable and relevant experiences.

This collection of residences will have two stories to enjoy the natural light and shadows permeating through the double-height spaces. These spaces promote the uniqueness of each owner since all the homes will be different, personalized to the style of life of each user, exploring four typologies and diverse architectural styles.

Additionally, the geometry and aesthetics of the tower integrate lux and comfort throughout its exceptionality, so we were inspired by the classic style of Art Deco, which combines sculptures and significant format artworks with more contemporary elements, accomplishing an atemporal, unique, and distinctive style. 

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