Saint Peter House

San Pedro Cholula, Mexico
118 m2
Project Directors
Leonardo Neve, Diego Vilatela, Roberto Martínez, María Menéndez
Design Team
Juan Yanuzzo, Javier Flores, Otli Campos, Daniel Serrano, Ana Paula Borbolla, Jesús Amezcua
Project Team
Marina Arroniz, Mario Rentería
Patrick López Jaimes, Roberto Martínez

Designed from a “high-tech, local handmade” philosophy, this house was conceived with the selection of locally sourced materials as a starting point. Red brick is widely produced in San Pedro Cholula, making it the stand-out material of the house.

An artisanal arrangement of each brick, following a non-perpendicular modular repetition, allowed expressivity for both material and geometry-wise while maintaining a low cost.

Saint Peter House is a Multi-award winning project

The house is an introverted one and incorporates design elements that aim to simultaneously bring sufficient privacy, light and natural ventilation: a courtyard and interior-facing terrace, brick-lattices and windows that open up to selected views.

In terms of the program, the said courtyard serves to articulate and bring light and ventilation to two main volumes: The first one comprised of a double-height space containing a living room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor, and bedroom on the second floor. And a second one containing a smaller bedroom and service areas on the first floor, and a large terrace on the second.

Various elements such as wall lamps and an electric meter box (among others) were custom-designed and crafted for the house.

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