Smart Lofts

San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, MX
2017 - 2020
Built surface
680 m2
Project Directors
Leonardo Neve, Diego Vilatela, Angel Valerio
Design team
Jesús Amezcua , Otli Campos , Roberto Martínez, Rita Bustos, Ivonne Deaquino, Maximiliano Pasquel, Mariana Pedrero, Javier Flores , Roberto Tlatelpa , Diego Reyes

Acquiring an affordable house in centric locations of Latin American Cities is getting more complicated for many young people seeking to obtain their first home. The reasons are diverse. Among them, we identified the lack of housing offers, deficiencies in governmental programs, and the lack of innovation of real estate developers.

In response, we proposed a project that would give access to adequate housing in reduced spaces, imagining innovative but simple alternatives to accomplish a space that multiplies itself through the integration of intelligent, adaptable furniture. For example, the same area can be a dormitory, a yoga studio, kitchen, or office, transforming the room furniture to facilitate all these uses during the day.  

A small, exciting and innovative place

The result was Smart Lofts, a project that proves that a small place doesn't have to be sad. On the contrary, we visualized an exciting, dynamic, and innovative place.

The first development of its kind is located in the Mexican city of Puebla. It will be adapted to other cities in the future, understanding the needs of its inhabitants, to allow the realization of varied activities and multiplying the possibilities for its users.  

Dance lofts

Super lofts

To conclude, we respond to how to live in an apartment that could satisfy most of the user's needs in only 25 square meters.

Smart Lofts proposes super equipped spaces, with a high level of design and sophistication, accessible for the youngsters seeking their first apartment, and that would be forced otherwise to buy a house in the peripheries of the cities.  


See the entire complex  "Capital Saint Peter" here

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