Social Lounge

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Superficie construida
148 m2
Director de proyecto
Leonardo Neve
Equipo de diseño
Jesus Amezcua, Max Pasquel

We have da­red to play with the idea of creating a full paradise a few steps away from home.

Social Lounge is conceived as an Oasis inside your own house. For this purpose, two con­cepts were crucial. First, paradise is hard to get and must be discovered. Second, paradise is an un­usual discovery, that is why architecture must be unusual, it has to nourish the ima­gination, and provide a space suitable for relaxation and socia­lization.

Located at the backyard of an existing family residence, the project provides a ludic and social program that includes a swimming pool, BBQ area for guests, a sauna, an office, and a guest room.

The design premises were to first respect the existing trees, that dictated the position of the architectural program, second the position of the pool aims to create an intimate social spot at the back of the building, third a raised platform gives the appearance of a floating structure while the sculptural columns mimic and frame the existing trees, and finally, the upper level serves as an observation deck, providing views to the surrounding trees.