Sphere Coworking

San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, MX
Built surface
549 m2
Project Director
Leonardo Neve
Design team
Jesus Amezcua, Otli Campos, Jessica Alcántara, Max Pasquel, Rita Bustos, Itzhel Zambrano, Abraham García

Covid 19 pandemic has radically transformed how office space is conceptualized. Before they were conceived as indispensable, today they were unused. It is not surprising that coworking spaces have grown as a consequence of this change since they offer flexibility for their users and the economic advantages that it represents for the companies that hire them instead of renting an entire space.

Recent studies have demonstrated that the physical offices and the organizational culture can be even more attractive than the salary for the people considering a job offer. We envisioned a Coworking space dedicated exclusively to the creative community, that could become a source of inspiration, creation, and new talent attraction.

A comfortable and functional space for the creative community

Convinced that the exchange of ideas surges from the collaboration of two entirely different entities that share a particular affinity and combined generate a third with unique characteristics. We decided to create open, flexible, and collaborative spaces that promote user interaction, facilitate teamwork, and accomplish shared goals. That traduces into lower stress levels and better satisfaction and productivity.

Sphere integrates valuable spaces for the creative community such as:

  • Showrooms
  • Fab Lab with 3D Printers
  • Press room
  • Digital creators’ room
  • Coffee shop
  • Projections room
  • Videoconference cabins
  • Private offices


Incorporating the best of two worlds, the possibility of privacy in an enclosed space, the adequate equipment to produce models or show products, and the opportunity to interact with others and have creative, casual, and even sensual interactions.    




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