We gladly announce that Cafeína’s Sol 25 project was published at the book “Bricks Now and Then” for Braun Publishing from Switzerland specialized in Architecture and Design. The book was published in English around the world featuring 40 contemporary and 40 historic buildings made of brick, and was selected for the back cover as a remarkable example of contemporary brick architecture.

Text from the editor describing the book:

“The use and popularity of bricks has not feigned one bit over the millennia and is even gaining popularity today. Bricks are the only non-natural building material that can look back at several thousand years of history. Buildings made of this fabric from very different epochs and cultures all over the world are always astonishing and the world’s best architects have explored the qualities of brickwork. A key characteristic for its success has always been easy planning through the standardization of production and the resulting harmonized construction process. Amazing constructive qualities, inexpensive and at the same time environmentally friendly production as well as the longevity are among the characteristics that are particularly valued today”.