Government and Institutional projects.

At Cafeína Design, we are proud to commit to institutional and governmental projects that influence the development of communities. Our experience and collaborative approach ensure that each project is a genuine reflection of the needs and aspirations of the community.

Institutional and government projects that really make a difference.

Design and management transparency

We believe in transparency as the foundation of each project. Our approach ensures that architectural projects are the center of communication, involving the community from start to finish.

Collaboration with community leaders

Recognizing the importance of community leaders, we work hand in hand with them. Their participation and approval are essential to effectively organize and monitor the process. Through constant dialogue, we integrate their perspectives into our designs.

Community empowerment

Beyond architecture, we create spaces that enrich the lives of its inhabitants. Our designs foster connections and social cohesion, empowering the community to take an active part in its development.

Parque Urbano Aguascalientes

"Monumento a la Madre" Oaxaca Urban Park

Universities UBBJ

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