This project retakes an important park located in the Mexican city of Oaxaca, since it is currently in an abandoned state due to a lack of proper maintenance, vandalism, pollution, limited accessibility, and a deficient layout for the integration to it's context.


A deficit of green areas was identified within the city, therefore the propose to integrate natural spaces that help to maintain a balanced lifestyle, influencing the life of the people who can find in these public spaces, experiences that reinforce their identity and build a common culture.


The proposal is centered on rescuing the context and integrate it with the city and the society, respecting the existing vegetation, and reforesting with native species of low maintenance, providing recreational and sports areas such as outdoor forum, sports fields, outdoor gym, green areas, children playground, esplanade, and skateboarding area.

In sum, the project seeks for a low-cost intervention, but a high social impact that provides green infrastructure that promotes a positive impact in the daily lives of the people who currently lack adequate public spaces.