Each year we propose innovative solutions for growing problematics that we identify in the Real Estate sector. On this occasion, we identified 4 different cases of malls in the United States that are currently either under-occupied or abandoned.


The growing disuse and sub-utilization of numerous shopping malls in different parts of the world has provoked decadent infrastructure, that generates the devaluation of the properties and their neighborhoods, producing a negative and degradant dynamic inurban, economic, and social terms.


The problematic is approached with a creative, out of the box method with the focus to generate positive outcomes for the space itself and the neighboring communities, based on the human needs’ optimization model.

For this occasion, 4 teams were selected, integrated by advanced architecture students, who, mentored by a Cafeína member, proposed alter realities to promote a positive impact for the communities where they are located.

2 finalists were selected whose ideas reflect on how architecture can become a positive bridge for the improvement of complex problematics in the contemporary cities.