Architectural spaces can become a sort of social condensers, where interaction is encouraged so persons can stop being individuals and start becoming community members. Its with this vision that the Community Center for Aguascalientes was designed, a a place that could restructure the social fabric, and at the same time provide lacking infrastructure in the neighborhood where the project is proposed.

This Community center is located in the common land “de Ojo” in the Mexican state ofAguascalientes and aims to address the social problematic of the region vulnerable groups, seeking for better integration and wellbeing for the community in different scales.


Problems such as bad nutrition, obesity, and lack of sports facilities were the main motivators to project these spaces, where the inhabitants can find a space for recreation and relaxation.

Our proposal.

The beneficiary impact of this community center serves as urban-social acupuncture in the nodes where the greater need is identified and is conformed by 3 main nodes: social, educational, and sportive with the aim to promote the inhabitant’s interest for social activities throughout its architectural program.

The different edifications are linked throughout green spaces, and visual and walkable paths so the users can transit every day. The community center aims to become asocial detonator that could be repeated in different metropolitan areas of the country.