Leonardo Neve - Architect, Founder and Director of Cafeína Design

In this article, we will explore the impact of nearshoring on Mexican urban planning and how we can take advantage of this trend to build more sustainable and livable cities. As Director of Caffeína Design, I want to share our vision on how nearshoring can transform our cities for the better.

Nearshoring has generated a wave of investments in Mexico, but at what cost for our cities? We will analyze how uncontrolled industrial growth can expand our cities, increase transportation costs and affect the quality of life of citizens.

At Cafeína Design, we believe we can do things differently. We will explore how artificial intelligence helps us plan compact, walkable industrial zones, prioritizing the well-being of inhabitants and reducing long commutes.

Nearshoring exercise in Mexico by Cafeína Design, with A.I. tools.

Let's imagine together a city where living and working are a pleasure, not a sacrifice. Let's discuss how smarter and more responsible urban planning can create more liveable, sustainable and prosperous cities for everyone.

The future of urban planning in Mexico is in our hands. It's time to make bold decisions and design a better future for everyone. Join us on this exciting mission and follow us on our social networks for more innovative ideas on the urbanism of tomorrow. See you in the future!

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