153 Leclerc

Maisons Alfort, France
Built surface
480 m2
Project Director
Leonardo Neve
Design team
Jesus Amezcua, Otli Campos, Jessica Alcántara, Max Pasquel, Rita Bustos, Itzhel Zambrano, Abraham García

We have been forced to reinvent the places we inhabit due to the pandemic caused by the Covid 19 virus, one of the most important has been office spaces since most office workers have worked from home at some point. From home they discovered a different way to work, and a different standard of commodities. Although, now that we are back to the new normal, offices have repopulated little by little and generated new questions such as, What can be done differently? What have we learned by working from home? And how can we transform office spaces so they are still attractive for all the users?

The challenge

Leclerc 153 is an office project that explores the possibilities derived from the lessons learned from remote work, located at the French city Maisons Alfort, in the peripheral zone of Paris. The challenges were multiplied since the main objective of the project is to promote the insertion to the labor market of young individuals that, for many reasons, didn’t have the opportunity to pursue superior studies, hence the space must be attractive and inviting, a place where they want to be challenged.   

Additionally, the space should also be attractive and cozy for the full-time workers, the social and administrative employees, so we proposed a space that would generate a welcoming and warm environment that would encourage social integration, generating casual encounter points, relaxed meeting rooms in an environment surrounded by color, and vegetation.

A design that attracts.

The intervention transforms two existing and subtilized buildings. Placed around a common yard and in front of the main avenue with moderate vehicular and pedestrian traffic, therefore the space will be very visible.

This attribute will be used to attract the people who transit the street through a facade and attractive interiors, full of color and vegetation.  

Another of the main strategies to attract the youth was to integrate a common public garden in the back of the buildings. To access, the user must walk through the co-working area, encouraging curiosity, and interest in the space.

To resume, Leclerc 153 integrates the new tendencies to accomplish a cozy, interesting, and inviting working space, that encourages curiosity, the communitarian interaction, and above all, it provides an environment that encourages the youth to find their true passions.   

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