Smart Cities LATAM

Puebla, MX
Built surface
600 m2
Project Director
Leonardo Neve in collaboration with JAR Arquitectos
Design team
Jesus Amezcua, Otli Campos, Alberto Adduci, Max Pasquel, Rita Bustos, Itzhel Zambrano
Project, contest

The Pavilion for Smart Cities LATAM was developed as a contest in collaboration with “JAR Arquitectos” for the ephemeral intervention of this international congress that takes place each year in the city of Puebla.

Located at the nuclear part of the conventions center, the main idea of the project was to reinterpret the physical factors that are found in public spaces around the world which promote social interaction.

By fomenting social interaction, the connection between the assistants would be also fomented throughout physical elements, built from recycled materials that would replicate in a modular way in the different elements of the plaza.

Another objective was to communicate different topics aligned with the congress, such as food access, the use of sustainable materials, access to technology, among others; that was to be communicated by projections in pneumatic objects that would float above the pavilion.

Additionally, integrated, modular spaces for the individual work would be added, to connect the physical and the digital coexistences, materializing visible and invisible elements that generally exist simultaneously in the cities, but aren’t usually perceived by their citizens.

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