Super Carga

Franquicia para México
Superficie construida
1,520 m2
Director de proyecto
Leonardo Neve
Equipo de diseño
Jesus Amezcua, Otli Campos, Olivia Gil, Mariana Pedrero, Juan Januzzo, Jose Luis Baez

The main goal was to create an exciting and energetic experience for the users who want to recharge their vehicles with different sources of energy. One of the main concepts of the project was taken from the idea that gas station tend to be "Non-places", an anthropological concept that refers to places where human beings remain anonymous since they don't hold enough significance to be regarded as places.

In consequence, we wanted to generate a "Non, non-place", defined as a place where the human experiences are important and satisfactory. For this purpose, the main concept for the design was to express energy and movement where the service stations stop being a transitional space, and start to become a destination where the imagination is motivated, and energy is transmitted throughout the design applications.

The project will be replicated throughout the country and will always be accompanied by supporting infrastructure to assist the traveler and provide a comfortable experience such asa coffee shop, a first aid mechanical station, energizing restrooms, and rest areas. This way, a sense of place will be promoted, so travelers can choose a more exciting option for their power supply needs.

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