The architecture and interior design are constantly evolving and adapt to the lifestyle and personality of each era. Precisely for this reason, today we find new trends in luxury homes, which combine comfort, design, functionality and sustainability, and below we will tell you which ones have dominated in recent years and are expected to remain in vogue for longer.

Sustainable design

More and more people are aware of the importance of caring for the environment, so they seek that their homes have LED lighting systems, solar panels, reuse of rainwater, use of windows to allow the entry of natural light in combination with materials such as wood that give comfort to the interior and reduce the need to use fans or heaters.

Connection with nature

Currently, buyers of luxury properties seek to reconnect with nature so they opt for properties on the outskirts of cities, with natural landscapes, an environment full of vegetation, tranquility and fresh air, but if it is not possible to have a property With these characteristics, they can be transmitted through natural materials such as marble, stone or wood.

Smart houses

The arrival of home automation technology to homes is a reality today, and a priority in luxury homes, where architectural design is integrated with technological systems to remotely monitor security cameras, control aspects of the house with voice commands, in addition to configuring it to perform tasks that have to be done manually and many times we forget: turn on the lights, water the plants, set the alarms, among others.


Luxury properties increasingly contemplate green spaces as part of the search for relaxation and family time, so terraces or balconies in apartments, and gardens full of plants in houses are part of the trends. Even in luxury condominiums it is increasingly common to find gardens on the roof (roof garden) with a pool as part of the amenities with the greatest attraction for buyers.

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