The project pretends to recover the public spaces for the inhabitants of the city. Retaking a space originally intended for a green area, which is currently in a situation of total abandonment, in a north-central area of the city of Aguascalientes.


Motivated by the creation of public spaces that promote healthier communities, where insecurity could be reversed by the insertion of green public spaces. A place where all the different groups of the society could participate in diverse activities such as open-air sports, cultural events, or hands-on reforestation programs. 

The project was designed in a way that included the possibility to participate for all the age groups, from the youngest to the elderly, understanding the differentiated needs of each, but at the same time promoting the socialization between the diverse groups. The architectural program includes a food area, rest zones, a cultural forum, sports areas, and open-air gym spots, among others.

Taking advantage of the site topography for the generation of diverse platforms of organic design, which facilitated the project placement, and reduce the construction costs. Additionally, the project includes the incorporation of native vegetation for the reforestation of this area of the city, intending to generate a sort of chain effect that would bring greener areas to the city.