The project surges from the motivation to create convivial spaces for the inhabitants of the Mexican city of Oaxaca; a public space that isn't focused on consumption but on the possibility of bringing together people from different contexts, ages, and situations, into a public, healthy, and diverse space.


After analyzing the situation of the public space in the city, we noted that it only provides 1.3 sqm of green areas per habitant, which is less than 10 times the amount recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In consequence, we identified the opportunity to develop a linear park at the Atoyac Riviera, a currently polluted river that traverses the metropolitan area, and is currently in an abandoned state.  


We projected a development in several phases, the first included 4 linear kilometers to promote the debate about the use and treatment of the hydric resources within the city, and that included a pilot project to sanitize the river.

Additionally, it would provide a public space with local identity and character, that would promote non-motorized mobility and that would become a green lung for the city, transforming the space from a long-forgotten and relegated area, to become a generator of sport, leisure, and cultural identity.