Arquitectura y diseño

Without a doubt, architecture is one of the most complex disciplines, whose mission is to transform people’s dreams into buildings that can be used for some purpose. When combined with design, a discipline that transforms spaces to generate experiences and transmit well-being through decorated, functional environments with a goal in mind.

Architecture and design are disciplines that go hand in hand and join with other sciences to influence emotions, behavior and provide sensory experiences through visual, sound and climatic comfort elements. With this in mind, architects can make an intelligent distribution of spaces and furniture, choose colors or decorative materials and, at the same time, awaken the sense of luxury so sought after by high-end clients in hotel construction, condominiums, residences, hospitals, among others.

Architecture and design can be brought together both in the planning stage, as well as in the transformation and remodeling to adapt the construction to the latest trends in architectural design, but also to the tastes of the client or company, and the needs of the end users of so that the results are faithful to the expectations raised when the client approaches the architect’s office.

In this sense, the architect’s job is to translate the client’s tastes and expectations into spaces where the best experiences, memories and experiences come together.

This is achieved through the design of spaces, choice of materials for floors, walls, finishes, as well as colors, natural and artificial lighting, the fusion with nature with gardens or windows, among other aspects.

In architecture and design, harmony is achieved through the stimulation of the senses. The view, due to the result of the combination of finishes and colors; touch through textures and materials that ensure acoustic and climatic comfort; smell due to the incorporation of natural aromas, which come from gardens and green spaces. Together, comprehensive experiences are obtained that personalize each space and provide unique sensations to those who inhabit them.

These disciplines together allow both the design of homes and commercial spaces such as premises, restaurants, spas, coffee shops, among others, to provide comprehensive sensory experiences to customers, which have a great impact on their emotions, generate a sense of identification with the brand and make it their own, so that they feel so comfortable that they want to return. Likewise, experiences motivate customers to make purchases, so the setting influences both decision-making and loyalty.

At Cafeína Design we are an office of architects who work hand in hand with interior design experts to transform our clients’ spaces into smarter ones that reflect their values ​​and generate positive experiences.

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