Disruption Days is an innovation workshop where Latin American real estate CEOs get together with thought leaders and international architecture firms to discuss the future of a specific asset class. This edition took place in New York City in March 2020.

Each firm presented a project that was evaluated by the event's participants, in which Cafeína Design obtained first place with the project “DEALS”.

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The main objectives of the projects were to generate new business concepts applicable for the region that can redefine and improve delivered value to customers and cities with a focus on affordable housing aimed at the C sector.

Tackling cost complications for delivering real estate at that price point, developing new creative, unique, and sustainable ideas to change real estate in our region.


Our proposal imagines a vision that promotes access to affordable housing through a combination of strategies that include the adaptive reuse of an existing building, and the re-densification of a block adjacent to Mexico City Historical Center.

Adapting a co-living model where users can have access to common and high-quality spaces, where interconnected and resilient communities are promoted, without losing their privacy and autonomy, in this way, Cafeína projects its short-term alternative vision towards the future of Latin American urban dwelling.